The day we all stood still


Imagine if this was all over in 2 or 3 months. Would we let the planes take off again without first modifying the level of emissions from their engines? What about compulsory monitoring of peoples' health data? Will we hand power over to our rulers to decide whether we can move or not as a condition of lifting the curfus?


Would we be willing to stay still for one additional month so that our rulers and the companies that monopolise our markets get a chance to start again with cleaner, more efficient processes and infrastructure? Many of us hung up the coat or sun hat on or around 26th March 2020 but others took us a bit longer to stop running and do what no-one can avoid, to sit still. I too counted my chickens before they had hatched after the chess board flipped. Read more in my April 2020 blog post from down under.


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How to create Health In-take Forms and collect your students info


Follow my Youtube Tutorials showing you how to create and design your own Student In-take Forms for a yoga class and contracts to win sales, secure your labour with contracts and send the relevant data to your database for your team to view and use. Each tutorial is free and the videos last no longer than 6 minutes.

Email Signatures & Links - The art of leaving clues to call to action


Sign up for regular coupons and discounts from the services I use to run my Yoga School and businesses.  This month I am reviewing WiseStamp, who offer a very cheap way to generate email signatures for all your devices.  Other "bread crumb marketing" techniques are discussed that also don't cost an arm and a leg.

How to 'Parse' data from emails and auto-respond


Last month Mailparser approved a $10 USD discount on its plans, allowing you to webhook data to your GoogleSheet. This means you can organise your business's data yourself, proving to be a far cheaper way than creating a workflow, the applications of parsing extend farther a field to everyday people, wanting to minimise junky tasks.

Looking for quality teachers? Yoga Request.


Search through thousands of Yoga and Wellness events, teachers and content globally or organise your own class at the swipe of a thumb. Sign up for early access to the app at

Streamline booking data from multiple platforms to one place for your teachers.





Ready to go paperless with online waivers and contracts?


These guys are by far the best value for money to communicate professionalism to clients.


Get key sign up data to one simple spreadsheet, automatically and begin growing and using your database. Check out their full features.




I'm that guy who builds apps and runs 3 Meetup groups, whilst running off to Bali and Europe intermittently and hears the word 'manifest' too many times per day.  Learn more about me and my life as a Wellness Organiser here in Perth, Australia.

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